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About Us

Çelikbaş Law Office, founded by Nil Merve Çelikbaş Şeker, is a full service law firm providing integrated legal services to the clients involved in the transactions within Turkey. Our result oriented team of lawyers provides international quality counsel to both businesses and individuals across a diverse practice area.
Members of our firm are dedicated to providing timely, thorough and cost-effective Turkish legal advice with a global perspective while maintaining the highest professional standards. 
The main practice areas of Çelikbaş Law Office include Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Contracts Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Foreign Direct Investment and Project Development, IP Law, Transportation and Logistics Law, Employment Law and Dispute Resolution. 
The members of our firm, who have a good command of at least one foreign language primarily English and French, exercise their high level of proficiency and expertise to provide their clients with complete and high quality legal services both in Turkey and abroad.
As our law office is capable of providing legal services in an expert level, it is preferred by a  clientele of domestic or multinational foreign companies operating in the fields of telecommunication, environmental, food and beverage, construction, insurance and sectors that require the implementation of global auditing procedures such as transportation, energy, and financial services.


News & Events

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